15.04.2023 / Strain Against the Archives / Fieldguide Gathering / Cape Town Medical Museum

A polyvocal reading of Fieldguide 1, Unpick, Restitch: Doilies, medorahs and labouring plants with orlando, Nadia Kamies and ten voices

6-8.04.2023 / There, Listening / Fieldguides Gathering / Kamiesberg

A three-day gathering in namaqualand around Fieldguide 3 with guides Joshua cohen and Joanna lot

09.11.2022 / Rooted Encounters / Ambulatory Libraries / Fieldguide Gathering / Middelheim Museum

polyvocal reading of Fieldguide 2 with orlando, rachel o’donnell and 15 voices

25.03.2022 / Gather, A Rehearsal / Netwerk Aalst

A Reading with the Bodies in the medicinal garden of ‘t Gasthuys.

On March 25 the Bodies gathered at the ancient medicinal garden of the museum ‘ Gasthuys, Aalst, for a reading-as-rehearsal of Rachel O’Donnell’s essay Apacina: a Contemporary Herbal and Ambiguous Tale, soon to be published in the series Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist. Readers were Pieternel Vermoortel, Brunilda Pali, Vanessa Müller, Lucile Desamory, Nele Möller and Wendy Morris. The event was a part of the Bodies project of Netwerk Aalst. The Fieldguides are a part of the Nothing of Importance project of Wendy Morris.

16.09.2021 / Collapse: A Warburgian Autotheory of Impacted Interiorities and Folding Bodies

Public Defence of the doctoral thesis of Maria Gil Ulldemolins and Symposium Sliding Together with Barbara Baert, Edith Dekyndt, Hannah Van Hove, Wendy Morris and Mia You. Presentation of 1st issue PASSAGE journal Intimate Lineages