The Salvation Project

Information about this project and the three films that were produced in it, still needs to be transferred to this site. In the meantime the films can be viewed below:

Heir to the Evangelical Revival:

A great number of my forebears fled or emigrated to South Africa due to their religious convictions. French and Flemish Huguenots in the 17th century, English Protestant missionaries and clergy in the 19th century. Though I am atheist-agnostic-apostate i must trace my South Africanism to the religious convictions of my ancestors. I like church spaces and architecture. I am fascinated by the history of religious dissent from the 12th century onwards. I balk at theological arguments, religious dogma, and organised religion. I will take no part in religious services. The film is an attempt to position myself towards the religious-historical that I inherit.

Orlando’s Book:

A book of English landscapes was awarded to a young man who grew up on mission stations in Southern Africa in the 19thc. This book, belonging to an ancestor of the artist, is the starting point to a reflection on literary memories of places read about but never visited, and on places experienced but never seen illustrated in books.


Perth+6hrs is a personal reflection on the transience of family, on the fleetingness of childhood, and on the inevitable separations as children grow up and move away. The objects in the film are made by the son of the filmmaker. The film is created out of a single drawing.