Nothing of Importance Occurred

Recuperating a Herball for a 17th century

enslaved Angolan midwife at the Cape

Through research into European, African and Asian histories of plant contraceptive use, Morris is exploring bodies of female knowledge that would have flowed to the settlement at the Cape in the 17th century and informed the practice of Maaij Claesje, a midwife in the Slave Lodge.

Nothing of Importance Occurred is a multi-track artistic project involving research, radio, encounters, expeditions and exhibitions. It is a collaborative project with episodes in different countries and continents and involving city gardeners, botanists and botanical gardens, midwives, healers and bossiedokters, sound artists, writers and composers. 

The Company

My body is dissolving and each organ-sense is reforming outside of it. Now, then and the future are blending. The plants are beings. The spirit is noisy.


Spirit of Maaij Claesje, Guide

The Wandering Womb

Seeking Knowledge, Finding Voice


Emissary to the Past, the Typing Hand


Naturalist and Keeper of the Herbarium

I, the Ear

Listener for the Unsaid and the Unheard

No One Would Have Believed

Exhibition by Wendy Morris and Runo Lagomarsino 14.11.2020 – 13.02.2021 No one would have believed is an exhibition that brings art, popular culture and politics together.…
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