Film / To St Catherine’s Point 2017

I took the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth and then across to the Isle of Wight. From there I walked for three days to St Catherine’s Beach, the southernmost tip of the island.

One hundred years earlier, on the night of February 21, the SS Mendi was travelling in the other direction, from Plymouth towards Le Havre.

It was at St Catherine’s beach, that southernmost point, that I wanted to meet the spirits of the men of the SS. Mendi.

Voices: Wendy Morris, children from the Muziek- en woordacademie Sint-Antonius, Zoersel.

Shipping Forecast, BBC Radio 4, various recordings February 2017.

‘To St Catherine’s Point’ is part of the six-film installation,
‘This, of course, is a work of the imagination’.

Sound design / music : Yannick Franck