Wendy Morris is an artist and professor of Contemporary Arts in the Art History Department where she teaches a Master workshop on artistic research practices in contemporary arts. She is also professor and researcher at Luca School of Arts, Brussels, where she set up the interdisciplinary Deep Histories Fragile Memories research cluster that connects artistic researchers, writers, art historians and curators from the KU Leuven, Luca, VUB, and the art institute Netwerk Aalst. She is member of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre.

Her work has a double focus on both historical and transdisciplinary research and the artistic and written forms in which this research manifests itself. Morris was one of the first artists in Belgium to engage in the artist’s doctorate and defended her project ‘Drawing on the Past’ in 2013 with five animated films and a set of 52 letters. She now supervises doctorates in the arts.  

Morris is currently working on the project Nothing of Importance Occurred: Recuperating a Herball for a 17th century Enslaved Angolan Midwife at the Cape. Through an examination of European, African and Asian histories of plant contraceptives Morris is exploring bodies of knowledge that would have flowed to the settlement at the Cape in the 17th century and informed the practice of a midwife in the Slave Lodge.




  • Art as Research, Bachelor year 3, Luca School of Arts
  • Afropean Arts, Workshop of Contemporary Arts, Master elective course, KU Leuven
  • research<art>writing, Bachelor year 2, Luca School of Art
  • Supervisor of Master papers and Bachelor papers / KULeuven.

Supervisor of Doctorate in the Arts:

  • Alexandra Crouwers, The Appeal of the Unreal (2019-23)
  • Joeri Verbesselt, Dystopian Optimism. Countering precariousness as the condition of our time. (2019-23)
  • Renée Turner, A Thousand Knots: A Garden of Entanglements (2020-24)
  • Nele Müller, The Forest Echoes Back (2021-25)

Advisor of Doctorates in the Arts

  • Mariske Broeckmeyer, Migraine Music: a Submersive Dive into the Absurd World of the Migraine Sufferer – Towards the Creation of an Experimental Opera.
  • Fiona Hallinan – Ultimology, or the study of endings, as a point of entry for imaginative discourse
  • Alina Cristea, Bucharest – The City with One Inhabitant. The City-Me
  • Nico Boon, The well-made play: written all over again?

Publications: see Nothing of Importance website here

See publications (


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