As A Thread Winding Backwards, an Audio Eerie

Audio Eerie / extract / Mariske Broeckmeyer and Wendy Morris / 2020

To you, Invited One,

Step in

Suspend disbelief

Step inside a whirl of wind, breath, stories

Of stories inside stories.

We have been expecting you.

What time is it?

The between time, twilight time, the least occupied time

As the moon arcs across the sky and the gleaming starts.

The first breath is a Prologue.

Find the booth

And we will tell you who we are.

Suspended between the mundane and the miraculous

We are a constellation of organs and entities,

Human plant spirit machine

A writing hand, a wandering womb, a listening ear

An exhaled breath.

Now, accompany us

We will travel with the winds,

Step over to the bed, it is there for you to lie on, close your eyes.

You are on Signal Hill, looking down upon….

No, we are done with looking down there

We are exhausted by those gardens, those Company gardens

That Lodge, that dormitory of despair

That Company Lodge.

Look, rather, out across the Bay

No…. not there either,

we have had enough of sailing ships.

Turn your nose north

Let us smell a place from faraway…..

Quadraphonic audio installation. 18 min. Wendy Morris and Mariske Broeckmeyer, and including the voice of Michele Burgers, Imelda Coetzee and Jamaica Kincaid.