Sonogram / Absence: a sound memory / 2013

A year before my mother passed away she sent me a photograph of herself sitting on the platform of Vondeling station, her legs hanging over onto the tracks. She looks up at my father who is taking the photograph, and wrote on the back of the picture that as my father clicked the shutter they heard the rumbling of an approaching train and had to hurry up and out of the way of the Blue Train that came thundering through the station. Some years later I persuaded my father to take me to Vondeling and I made sound recordings around the station. I wanted to hear what my mother had heard as she looked up at my father as he took the photograph. The visit had the feel of a pilgrimage.

Sounds of Vondeling are mixed with sounds from my parents house and the wind chime that my mother had hanging outside the back door.

Absence: a sound memory. Wendy Morris and Yannick Franck / 2013