Publication / This, of course, is a work of the imagination

Accompanying the exhibition is an edited book Wendy Morris: This, of course, is a work of the Imagination. It comprises three letters written by three female interlocutors. The book is designed by Kim Beirnaert.

Petra Van Brabandt, philosopher, met with me in the studio at different moments in the making of the work. She writes a letter from the Royal Library of Belgium. Eng/Dutch

Mieke Mels, art historian and curator at MuZee, was in an important production of her own during the making of the work. Her letter was written before she went off on maternity leave. Dutch/Eng

Hilde Van Gelder, art historian and professor of contemporary art at the KU Leuven, was supervisor of my PhD and had, by this time, received close to seventy letters from me. Her letter is a long-delayed, and very welcome, response. Eng/Dutch

Kim Beirnaert, book designer, would come from her morning swim to our meetings. She noted that she had never been given so many images from which to choose for a book design.

The book, with the three letters in Dutch and English can be found below.