This, of course, is a work of the Imagination

Revisiting public memory of the sinking of the SS. Mendi

“In Boardgame, for instance, you stage the politics

behind the recruitment of black South African men for

a European war. The stop-frame animation stresses its

complexity and entanglements, we see the ambitions

of the recruits, but also the intentions of the different

recruiting parties. Underlaying this whole recruitment

process there are several black resistance strategies

against the white oppressors, but also measures taken

by these white oppressors to secure their future power.

Recruiting for a war in Europe was a power game in the

context of black resistance and white oppression. According

to Solomon Plaatje, for instance, the war presented

an opportunity for young black men to see a different

part of the world and educate themselves; an escape

strategy from the oppressive context of the mines.”

Petra Van Brabandt. Letter to Wendy. 2017. Wendy Morris. This, of course, is a work of the Imagination. p34.

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