Observance of faith / 2014

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, April 16, 2014 – May 11, 2014

observance of faith

Curator: Jacqueline Grandjean

Religion is omnipresent. In a world where the speed of economic and cultural changes controls our lives, the need for depth and reflection seems to grow. We have the need to find shared values and to have in- depth conversations. From this point of view, art and religion come together in the Oude Kerk. Both art and religion ask a question without having a clear answer. In this context, Oude Kerk selected video artwork made by two artists: Arent Weevers (Ede, 1958) and Wendy Morris (Walvis Bay, 1960). The two works relate to the iconography present in the Oude Kerk.


The images in Mary! almost naturally relate themselves to the stained- glass windows that have told stories about religion for centuries. But there is something striking about the windows in the Lady Chapel. Why is this the only religious window that is still present in the Oude Kerk, while all the other religious windows were destroyed during the iconoclastic? Was it out of respect for Maria, the sacred of all saints? Staring to the pregnant Maria by Weevers creates a truth we could not foresee. An almost supernatural power reveals itself that could be called an appearance by religious circles.
Furthermore, the subject that is examined in the work Heir To The Evangelical Revival by Wendy Morris is supernatural as well. In this movie, Morris searched for the norms and values of her ancestors. They fled to South Africa as the Huguenots and the English Protestants did in the 17th and 19th century. She questions the Christian culture, which the Oude Kerk embodies as well, through rituals, religious traditions and iconography. This video work will be projected in the Holy Sepulcher. Likewise, this space refers to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was both crucified and buried.
Arent Weevers (1958 Ede, Netherlands) is a theologian and artist. Therefore, it is not surprising that his work is focused on the relation between religion and art; video art and spirituality in particular. His work strongly relates to both modern dance and classical sculpture. Weevers uses the latest technologies in his videos, for example the 3D stereoscopic high speed camera’s in Josephine’s well (2011) and Embrace me (2012). Embrace me was appointed “highlight of new media art” during the Unpainted, media art fair in Munich earlier this year. Moreover, Weevers’ Mary! received a price for “Best International Video Art Short” during the New York International Independent Video & Film Festival in 2010. Arent Weevers regularly showcases his work in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Wendy Morris (1960, Walvis Bay, Namibia) studied art and art history in Belgium and South Africa. She is an artist and filmmaker. In her short movies- charcoal animations- and charcoal drawing, Morris examines the history of her native country, Africa, in relation to Europe. Recent exhibitions: Parallellepipeda in M ( Museum Leuven , 2010) , Off the Record in In Flanders Fields Museum ( Ypres , 2008) Far from Kimberley , solo exhibition at 21rozendaal , ( Enschede , 2010) and Roles / Robes at Fried Contemporary ( Pretoria , 2006). Morris’ movies have been screened at various film festivals worldwide.
The presentation of the video works by Arent Weevers and Wendy Morris was developed in collaboration with Studentenpastoraat Amsterdam and the art committee of the municipality of the Oude Kerk. Thanks to: Nanda Janssen, BeamSystems, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
Entrance: € 7,50 / free with Museumkaart.