Belly Full of Blind Highways

A Letter by Wendy Morris / commissioned by KAAP and artist collective Dear, The third tape letter in the series of Belly full of blind highways is by Wendy Morris, written from the perspective of a Wandering Womb and addressed to the wild wort Savin. The letter is a call to resume a relationship with a plant which once provided us with a means to control … Read More

! Call to participate !

Since January Wendy has been working in commission of the Middelheim Museum on a new performance work in which the virtues of medicinal plants growing in the park – and more specifically indigenous contraceptive plants – are central. On June 24 this work, which is a procession and an ambulatory library, will wind its way through the park – and it needs you to join in! … Read More

Belly full of blind highways

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KAAP announces the upcoming release of four tape letters / We’re happy to announce our collaboration with artist initiative Dear, with whom we have developed Belly full of blind highways: a series of four tape letters by four commissioned artists. As a precursor to the digital voice note, audio letters, commonly recorded on cassette tape, hold an important place in the field of oral histories. As a means … Read More

Fieldguide Gathering / Strain Against the Archives

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Deep Histories Fragile Memories,in collaboration with Cape Town Museum,invite you to Strain Against the Archives A Fieldguide Gathering& Polyvocal Reading with Ten Voicesfeaturing the essay of Nadia KamiesUnpick, Restitch: Doilies, Medorahs and Labouring Plants In this essay from the chapbook series Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist, author and researcher Nadia Kamies narrates an archive-of-the-ordinary that includes hand-crocheted doilies, intricately embroidered medorahs, and a plant held for generations … Read More

Belly full of blind highways

Dear, and KAAP commission four audio letters by writers Fred Moten (US), Wendy Morris (SA-BE), Mo’min Swaitat aka. Palestine Sound Archive/Majazz Project (PS-UK) en Laura Grace Ford (UK). Dear, en KAAP werken samen aan de publicatie van vier audio-brieven waarvoor wij vier kunstenaars, dichters en auteurs uitnodigen om elk hun eigen brief bij te dragen. Deze serie, ‘Belly full of blind highways’*, vormt de zesde iteratie … Read More

Rooted Encounters Symposium and Fieldguide Gathering

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Rooted Encounters: Fields, Forests and Other Imaginings + Ecologies of Artistic Research. 8-9 November, 2022 Deep Histories Fragile Memories research group organizes a symposium on pluralist entanglements of artistic thinking with other research ecologies and considers art’s potential for making a stand within current challenges. Thinking along with philosophies of plant biology, with feminist critiques of biotechnology, colonialism, and science, with histories of plants out of … Read More

Travelogue of the Wandering Womb, Her Fantastic Encounters and Curious Utterings: To the Copper Mountains

As a Thread Winding Backwards, an Audio Eerie + Prologue + A Tale of Eleven Births + The Ghosts of my Friends  Wendy Morris & Mariske Broeckmeyer / 2020 / Exhibition ‘No One Would Have Believed’ / Netwerk Aalst An audio-eerie in two parts: First, a dissolving into a constellation of organs and entities, human plant spirit machine. Then, an invocation of an absent ancestor and the … Read More


NO ONE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED – NIEMAND ZOU HEBBEN GELOOFD – PERSONNE N’AURAIT CRU HENRIQUE ALVIM CORRÊA, H. G. WELLS, RUNO LAGOMARSINO, WENDY MORRIS & MARISKE BROECKMEYER 12.12.2020 14.03.2021 No one would have believed is an exhibition that brings art, popular culture and politics together. It focuses on the work by two contemporary artists,  Wendy Morris – working together again with singer and composer Mariske Broeckmeyer – and Runo … Read More

No One Would Have Believed

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Exhibition by Wendy Morris and Runo Lagomarsino 14.11.2020 – 13.02.2021 No one would have believed is an exhibition that brings art, popular culture and politics together. It focusses on the work by two contemporary artists, Wendy Morris and Runo Lagomarsino, that rethinks the legacy of colonialism and science fiction, departing from the work of Brazilian born artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1876-1910), best known for his astonishing illustrations for The War … Read More