The Guides are valued collaborators who beam light onto the investigation from multiple angles – historical, anthropological, experiential, ethnobotanical, or literary. Each Fieldguide is the work of one Guide. The Fieldguides are still in production. There have been so many more writers and thinkers who have been influential in shaping approaches to the project and they are acknowledged in The Company’s Geography of Reading.

dr. Joshua Cohen

Kruiedokters, plants and molecules: relations of power, wind, and matter in Namaqualand / PhD thesis 2015 / School of Anthropology and Gender Studies / Anthropology and Linguistics / University of Cape Town /

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Joshua Cohen is a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Archeology and Heritage studies / Aarhus University Denmark

Image / Sceletium tormentosum / kougoed / Codex Witsonii / painting by Hendrik Claudius 1685

dr. Nadia Kamies

Shame and respectability : a narrative enquiry into Cape Town’s ‘coloured’ families through photographs, cultural practices and oral histories (c1950-2016) / PhD thesis 2019 / Historical and Heritage Studies / University of Pretoria

link to thesis

Nadia writes for Reclamation magazine & Perspectives of a Perennial

Image / Flower of Maryam /

dr. Rachel O’Donnell

The Politics of Natural Knowing: Contraceptive Plant Properties in the Caribbean. Journal of International Women’s Studies. Special Issue Women and Gender: Looking Toward ‘Caribbeanness.’ 17:3. 2016

‘This is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child’: The Maternal Voice in Jamaica Kincaid’s ‘Girl’ and the Politics of Nature and Knowing in the Caribbean.  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative. 7:1. 2016

Rachel O’Donnell is assistant professor at Rochester University, USA where she teaches in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.

Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist

The Fieldguides are an upcoming publication series of single-essay chapbooks. They are a deep histories fragile memories collaboration with the Berlin publisher K Verlag, kunsthal Netwerk Aalst, and LUCA. The …
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