The Guides are valued collaborators who beam light onto the investigation from multiple angles – historical, anthropological, experiential, ethnobotanical, or literary. Each Fieldguide is the work of one Guide.

dr. Joshua Cohen

Kruiedokters, plants and molecules: relations of power, wind, and matter in Namaqualand / PhD thesis 2015 / School of Anthropology and Gender Studies / Anthropology and Linquistics / University of Cape Town /

link to thesis

Joshua Cohen is a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Archeology and Heritage studies / Aarhus University Denmark

Image / Sceletium tormentosum / kougoed / Codex Witsonii / painting by Hendrik Claudius 1685

dr. Nadia Kamies

Shame and respectability : a narrative enquiry into Cape Town’s ‘coloured’ families through photographs, cultural practices and oral histories (c1950-2016) / PhD thesis 2019 / Historical and Heritage Studies / University of Pretoria

link to thesis

Nadia writes for Reclamation magazine & Perspectives of a Perennial

Image / Flower of Maryam /

Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist

The Fieldguides are an upcoming publication series of single-essay chapbooks. They are a deep histories fragile memories collaboration with the Berlin publisher K Verlag, kunsthal Netwerk Aalst, and LUCA. The …
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