The Guides

The Guides are valued collaborators who beam light onto the investigation from multiple angles – historical, anthropological, experiential, ethnobotanical, or literary.

Nadia Kamies

Shame and respectability : a narrative enquiry into Cape Town’s ‘coloured’ families through photographs, cultural practices and oral histories (c1950-2016) / PhD thesis 2019 / Historical and Heritage Studies / University of Pretoria

link to thesis

Nadia writes for Reclamation magazine & Perspectives of a Perennial

Fieldguide Vol 1, 2022

Rachel O’Donnell

The Politics of Natural Knowing: Contraceptive Plant Properties in the Caribbean. Journal of International Women’s Studies. Special Issue Women and Gender: Looking Toward ‘Caribbeanness.’ 17:3. 2016

‘This is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child’: The Maternal Voice in Jamaica Kincaid’s ‘Girl’ and the Politics of Nature and Knowing in the Caribbean.  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative. 7:1. 2016

Rachel O’Donnell is a political scientist and assistant professor at Rochester University, USA where she teaches in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.

Fieldguide Vol 2, 2022

Joshua Cohen

Kruiedokters, plants and molecules: relations of power, wind, and matter in Namaqualand / PhD thesis 2015 / School of Anthropology and Gender Studies / Anthropology and Linguistics / University of Cape Town /

link to thesis

Joshua Cohen is an anthropologist, has just completed a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Archeology and Heritage studies / Aarhus University Denmark, and is now Research Assistant, Water and Value Research Group at Leeds University, UK.

Fieldguide Vol 3, 2022

Johanna (Marianna) Lot

Marianna works as a para-ecologist with environmental organisations such as BIOTA Southern Africa. She is a member of the Plant Conservation Unit of the University of Cape Town where she assists researchers with data-collection and community liason and knowledge of the ecologies of the Kamiesberg. Marianna maintains a number of long-term databases established in and around the village commons. She compiles inventories and investigates plants used by households and herbalists. She is especially interested in animal-plant interactions and the way in which plants, animals and people are inter-connected.

Fieldguide Vol 3, 2022

The Return

We are picking a path northwards, along sandy tracks and mountain passes. This is an…

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