Belly Full of Blind Highways

A Letter by Wendy Morris / commissioned by KAAP and artist collective Dear, The third tape letter in the series of Belly full of blind highways is by Wendy Morris, written from the perspective of a Wandering Womb and addressed to the wild wort Savin. The letter is a call to resume a relationship with a plant which once provided us with a means to control … Read More

Belly full of blind highways

Dear, and KAAP commission four audio letters by writers Fred Moten (US), Wendy Morris (SA-BE), Mo’min Swaitat aka. Palestine Sound Archive/Majazz Project (PS-UK) en Laura Grace Ford (UK). Dear, en KAAP werken samen aan de publicatie van vier audio-brieven waarvoor wij vier kunstenaars, dichters en auteurs uitnodigen om elk hun eigen brief bij te dragen. Deze serie, ‘Belly full of blind highways’*, vormt de zesde iteratie … Read More

Exhibition / Ninguém teria acreditado / Pinacoteca Sao Paulo

The audio installation, A Hysterie of Guiné Weed and Sorrow Seed, is a part of the exhibition Ninguém teria acreditado at Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo. Curators Fernanda Pitta and Laurens Dhaenens. The exhibition is a second, larger, iteration of No One Would Have Believed, that ran at Netwerk Aalst a year ago. The exhibition recuperates the historical work of Brazilian-Belgian artist Alvim Corrêa with special attention bestowed on … Read More