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  • A Certain Herb

    A Certain Herb

    WHAT SHALL I DO IF I AM MADE PREGNANT BY YOU? I SHALL BE DISHONOURED AND LOST. Béatrice de Planissoles was being questioned by the Inquisitor in 1320 about her affair, twenty years previously, with a priest. She speaks quite openly about the contraceptive pessary that he would bring to their bed, though she could…

  • An Ear to Ethnobiologists

    An Ear to Ethnobiologists

    SETTING UP A SERIES OF DIALOGUES WITH ETHNOBIOLOGISTS FOR THE PROJECT ‘A CERTAIN HERB’. Last week the project ‘A Certain Herb’ travelled to Marrakech, Morocco, to the Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiologists: Biodiversity and Cultural Landscapes: Scientific, Indigenous and Local Perspectives. Held at the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, the Congress brought together…