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  • Belly Full of Blind Highways

    Belly Full of Blind Highways

    A Letter by Wendy Morris / commissioned by KAAP and artist collective Dear, The third tape letter in the series of Belly full of blind highways is by Wendy Morris, written from the perspective of a Wandering Womb and addressed to the wild wort Savin. The letter is a call to resume a relationship with…

  • Belly full of blind highways

    Belly full of blind highways

    KAAP announces the upcoming release of four tape letters / We’re happy to announce our collaboration with artist initiative Dear, with whom we have developed Belly full of blind highways: a series of four tape letters by four commissioned artists. As a precursor to the digital voice note, audio letters, commonly recorded on cassette tape, hold an…

  • Belly full of blind highways

    Belly full of blind highways

    Dear, and KAAP commission four audio letters by writers Fred Moten (US), Wendy Morris (SA-BE), Mo’min Swaitat aka. Palestine Sound Archive/Majazz Project (PS-UK) en Laura Grace Ford (UK). Dear, en KAAP werken samen aan de publicatie van vier audio-brieven waarvoor wij vier kunstenaars, dichters en auteurs uitnodigen om elk hun eigen brief bij te dragen.…

  • Fieldguide Gathering

    Fieldguide Gathering

    Ambulatory Libraries + Join us for the first Fieldguide Gathering, entitled Ambulatory Libraries, at Middelheim Museum on November 9th. Participating are Rachel O’Donnell, Els Viaene, Wendy Morris, Nele Möller, Lukas De Clerck, and the Fifteen Voices. Definitely present will be Lucky Herb, or the Plant of the Damned depending on your viewpoint, and Vulvaria. It…