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  • Bitter Walk Wind Sing

    Bitter Walk Wind Sing

    A PROCESSIONAL WORK THAT HONOURS BITTER PLANTS, FORGOTTEN MIDWIVES AND UNLICENSED FEMALE PRACTITIONERS In BITTER WALK WIND SING the Midwife’s Herball becomes an Ambulatory Library that journeys to lands-edge in Ostend to sing itself into the winds of the North Sea. There, carried on windstream, it will blow across the ocean and into the Bay of Luanda, into the…

  • ! Call for participation !

    ! Call for participation !

    BITTER WALK WIND SING A Performative Procession DE LANGSTE DAG / OOSTENDE / KAAP & MUZEE Saturday 29 June / 18h This year I have been working on a new iteration of a processional work that was previously performed in the park of the Middelheim Museum. This iteration comes to Oostende (as part of De Langste…