Fieldguide Gatherings / South Africa

In April deep histories fragile memories are organizing two sets of Gatherings in South Africa in collaboration with the authors of the Fieldguides.

Fieldguide 3 / There, Listening / Three day Gathering in Namaqualand / Paulshoek, Nourivier and Leliefontein / April 6-8, 2023 / with co-authors Joshua Cohen and Johanna (Marianna) Lot

Gatherings are funded by Luca Breakout / a deep histories fragile memories research event

Fieldguide 1 / Strain at the Archives / Two day Gathering in Cape Town / Signal Hill on April 13 & the Cape Medical Museum on April 15, 2023 / with author Nadia Kamies

Gatherings funded by Luca Breakout / a deep histories fragile memories and Cape Town Museum event